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From 15 untill 28 march 2019 Al.Arte presents a new exposition called “POPARTE” The exposition is dedicated to ‘pop Art from North-Africa & the Middle East’ and will be the first in Flanders to show works of art by creative individuals from the MENA region and her diaspora, who are inspired by the modern Pop Art movement.

13 artists use visual art to depict their identity, traditions and their surroundings. The artists transform banal objects from the consumer society or mass culture into art objects. In this way they exceed the boundary between high and low art. Popart literally takes art from her pedestal and immerses her in everyday pop culture. The artists derived their inspiration and themes from popular cartoons such as magazines, comic strips, social media and pop music.

Anyone who thinks about 'Arab' Pop Art in stereotypes will be disappointed. A new generation of artists transcends clichés about the MENA region and is inspired by visual culture, politics and the influence of globalization. This all leads to stunning and stimulating cross-cultural designs.