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ANA being the Arabic word and NESH the Tamazight (Berber) word for “I”, ANA NESH invites you to reflect on who you and I are in our society today. Bringing young artists together, we introduce the new voices of Bader & Ahmed Shashit, Dounia Aerts, Kawtar Ouh, Samira El-Kaddouri and Zakaria Barkan & Sherwood Nkwenti. Each of them explores the concept of “urban identity” in their own, diverse way through film, photos, text and typography, showing us particularly creative answers to how identity is defined today. Identity is about concepts such as perception, society, culture, personality, gender, nationality and the search for the other in oneself. It touches to the core of inclusivity: recognition of each individual’s uniqueness, respect and encounter. On the other hand, misunderstanding of an identity leads to exclusion, discomfort and denial. “The search for who you really are, is a journey we all undergo. We encounter family and cultural traditions. Collide with prejudice along the way. Speak and write new languages and forget old ones. And sometimes, after hearing one word, we turn our lives around.” Welcome to ANA NESH. Welcome to today's world.